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Jul 31, 2008


How do i order?

Simply fill up the order form. I will contact you once i have received your form. Alternatively, email me at I will reply to you with the exact amount to be deposited. Orders without payments will not be processed.

This applies to both Pre-Order and Ready Stock Items.

Do you give discounts?

BeautyCounter appreciates loyal customers and all return customers will be rewarded with 5% discount on your next order. Discounts are also given for bulk orders (more than 15 items) for you product junkies/group orders/starting a biz.

Is the price negotiable?

No, the price is fixed. Price will be revised (lowered) once i receive a good price from my supplier. This usually happens when she stocks up on items after the sales season. You can just check my blog to see the revisions and do not need to email me to check if the price has been revised.

Why don't you keep ready stocks?

BeautyCounter does not want to restrict your choices. There are hundreds or products out there for you to combine and choose, so why should you limit yourself to the items in hand? My motto is to play around, test around and have fun with the items you buy.

Do you only carry Victoria's Secrets and Bath& Body Works?

No, again i do not limit your choices to those 2 brands. If you would like to try Philosophy or Demeter or Clean D'lish or simply anything, i can give you a quote. If you want skincare, fashion items or anything..try and contact me if i can provide you with any. I can order from websites that does not accept international credit cards or those which does not ship to Malaysia.

For items already selling in Malaysia, do provide me the retail price. If i can help you save at least RM20 from the retail price, i will quote to you.

I prefer to make a custom purchase for brands not sold in Malaysia because once the taxes and shipping price adds up, some items can cost more than the domestic retail price.

Can i book the items you have in hand?

Sure, but please keep it to a reasonable time frame and make sure you really want the item.


How can i make the payment?

You can deposit or make an online transfer to my account. Maybank is my first choice while CIMB comes second.

How soon must i make the payment?

The sooner you pay, the sooner i will order.

Do you do Cash On Delivery (COD)?

For ready stock items, yes i do COD. I still prefer for the payment to be banked in to my Maybank/CIMB account but if it such a hassle, then you can pay me during meetup.

For pre-order items, absolutely no. Please understand that you have to settle the payment before i can go on with the order.


How do you send my items?

I use Postlaju Courier Service for an efficient and speedy transaction.

How much is the postage cost.

Each item is quoted without the postage cost. My postage price is fixed.

To Semenanjung Malaysia

Smaller items (makeups/bath & body items).

RM6 for the first item. RM2 for every additional item

Heavier/Larger Items (Bag Sets and Kits)

RM10 for the first set. RM5 for every additional sets.

To Sabah and Sarawak

Smaller items (makeups/bath & body items).

RM8 for the first item. RM3 for every additional item

Heavier/Larger Items (Bag Sets and Kits)

RM14 for the first set. RM7 for every additional sets.

Where can i pick up the items?

On certain weekdays, i will be in Kota Damansara (after 9pm). We can discuss what day you would like to drop by.

I prefer the items to be couriered to you. Easier for both parties, i think :)

When will the items be shipped out?

Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works items are usually shipped out from the US within 2 days of your payment. It will take 14-18 working days to arrive. Once it is in hand i will email/sms you to let you know when it will be couriered to you.

However, sometimes the item that you want is not in stores. My supplier will place an order on the official website and that will need some time to arrive.

As for custom orders (products other than VS & BBW), your items will be ordered online for example from / / / / and so on the schedule will be like this:

US website to US supplier -------> The delivery takes 7 to 10 days

From US supplier to me ----------> 14 days.

If you do not agree with this schedule and do not mind paying more (shipping fees), i can always use expedited shipping.

Is there a possible delay?

There are possibilites. US & Malaysia state/national holidays, vacations, late custom clearance.

If your are ordering an item as a gift or wedding hantaran, let me know your dateline. Do place your order at least one month in advance.

Is there a possibility of lost packages?

Yes, there is a possiblity and it has happened a few times. When this happens, i will gladly reorder the item for you-free of charge. I take full responsibility of your order.

If you do not wish to have a replacement, i will refund you the full amount.

All you need to do is be patient for your replacement/refund.

Is there a faster way?

Yes, if you are in urgent need of the item, i can upgrade to express shipping. You are to bear the additional cost. Express shipment takes around 6 working days to arrive to Malaysia.

Do you offer other methods of domestic postage?

I only use Postlaju Courier Service (sometimes i use Post Express for small items when i have supplies of the envelope).


I do not like the scent/The product does not work for me/I have changed my mind - can i return the item?

All sales are final. I do not accept returns or gift refunds. The only exception is when you have paid, my supplier has scouted the stores, but unfortunately the item is out of stock. Then i will give you a full refund.


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