My personal favourites very from year to year and according to my current skin condition. Nevertheless, i so stick to some die die must have items because they have been good to me for many-many years.


Cleanser : Jan Marini Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser for it's skin softening & breakout combatting abilites. Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser for it's cheap price, reliability and does not dry my skin nor does it cause pimples.

Toner: Have never been a fan

Moisturizer: Not a fan either. But my Retin A cream moisturizes the skin and i do not other things much.

Treatment: Have been a hardcore Retin A fan for around 8 years. Jan Marini Bioclear is next in line. Jan Marini is harsher and more drying for my skin. Both works well to minimize acne and oiliness of the skin.

Spot Lightener: Biomedic Conditioning Gel.

Makeup Remover: I love Lancome Bi-Facils or Lancome Effacils for the eyes and lips. For the face i usually use Cetaphil.


Concealer: Shu Uemura Pro Spot Concealer is the best i've tried. Gives full coverage and the texture is just right. My shade is 5YR or something like that.

Foundation: Giogio Armani Luminous Skin Foundation for a bare skin look (with medium coverage) and Lancome Teint Idole Foundation for full coverage. Both are superb and worth every penny. I wear #5.5 for GA and #03 for Lancome.

Compact Foundation: Giorgio Armani Lasting UV Compact beats all the other compact foundation i've tested or bought. The texture is so fine, the colour is just right (#5) and it gives a really good coverage. I don't think i will be changing powders for a long-long time.

Blusher: I like MAC Sunbasque for a peachy-bronze look, Tarte Dollface for a pink cheeked look. Elianto Peach for a fresh peach look and Tarte Tipsy for a red cheeked look. Heheh..all colours..I even had plum coloured blush once from YSL but i sold it off because believe it or not i did not the heart to use it because the casing is sooooo beautiful. Even came with a suede pouch to keep the blush case in.

Mascara: Generally Lancome Mascara's perform well. I like Flextencils for a natural curl. Nowadays i use Clinique Lash Power Mascara which is very true to it's name. It's also cheaper but the tube tends to sememeh a bit.

Eyeliner: Lancome Eyeliner (pencil) is my mainstay.

Eyeshadows: I rarely use any. I like the variety that MAC has but Lancome makes a finer textured and higher quality shadows. So Lancome is my fav and yes if i use eyeshadows, they're from Lancome.

Under Eye Concealer: I don't really conceal my dark shadows. I use a brightener instead. Lancome Flash Retouche Pen is great! It's also great for shading the nose.

Lipstick: Lancome Juicy Rouge gives a glossy shiny colour and does not dry up my lips. During my scrooge student days i wear Maybelline Water Shine which is also great. My fav Juicy Rouge is shade #352 which is a very pretty pink colour and shade #339 which is a nude peach colour. My fav Maybelline Water Shine is called Glazed Red Apple.

Lipglosses: I love love love MAC Lipglasses..any pink/peachy shades will do but my fav must be Gitane - a warm brick red colour which lights up my face in an instant. Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss in Innocence is also a rare find. The prettiest baby doll pink. Lancome Juicy Tubes in Peche is also another fav.


EDT - I am in love with Clinique Happy in Bloom and Narsico Rodriguez for Her. Both are divine in their own way. For a lighter scent i like VS Pure Seduction and VS Sweet Daydream.

Body Mist - My absolute fav must be Bath & Body Works Sparkling Peach splash. It's soo beautful! Next must be BBW Hello Sugar. Oh god! It's scrumptious.

Body Lotion - Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Lotion and Vanilla Bean Noel lotion is to die for!






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